CNBlue Blue Moon Concert in Manila

I just finished watching Blue Moon concert at the Big Dome. I was sitting at the second row, Jonghyun’s (right) side. It was worth ten grand but the seat was super worth it!

I walked in thinking that I wanted to see Jungshin and Yonghwa but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Jonghyun – the alluring charisma in his eyes, the sexiness of the way he plays his guitar, the soothing tone of his sensual voice, the hotness of his arms and those cute dimples when he smiles or laughs. This, I believe, is enough to say that I have completely fallen for Mr. (sungit) Lee Jonghyun.

So anyways, back to the matter at hand. They started out the set list with a few of their hits, followed by a couple of mellow songs, then cranked up the volume for a couple of rock and roll songs before proceeding to sing Loner and the latest hit I’m Sorry; and finally ending with Love Love Love among other songs in the encore.

Those two and a half hours were definitely memorable and have made me see how amazing this band was. This is because while Super Junior have a concert of three plus hours, they have ten plus members to alternate singing and dancing; also, while foreign acts also have two hour concerts, they usually have a guest to sing in between or have a short video break. CN Blue basically didn’t have enough time to catch their breath with their continuous PERFECT playing. 100% hands¬† down AMAZING! In fact, it seemed they were more energized at the end!

At the beginning,  I totally wanted to keep my cool Рyou know, just chill and sway around with my light stick, but their energy was so infectious and the crowd was so amazing that I just lost my mind!

In conclusion, the concert was amazing. I would definitely watch them again. I’ve totally fallen for Jonghyun. Finally, the fancams are in this Youtube playlist and the fan pics are in this Facebook album. Some of the pictures have terrible quality because my camera ran out of memory, then its battery gave out so I had to use my phone. (still uploading atm)

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